Using personality typology systems to understand yourself and others

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Discovering the Myers-Briggs Typology Indicator was like uncovering a secret room in my house. It illuminated how I interacted with others and used my energy. It revealed why I made decisions based on values rather than pure logic. More importantly, it helped me understand those around me better. Instead of…

Pursuing these will enhance our quality of life

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Suppose the most valuable skill you learned in school was conflict resolution? This one capability could help you thrive in whatever field you choose. Though most of academia centers on a rigorous study in math, science, and language arts, training for other foundational life skills can have far-reaching benefits.


Waste nothing — recraft snatches of content for a better purpose

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Your story engages. Several paragraphs in, your writing flows. You sharpen your verbs as you develop the narrative. Pleased with the storytelling, you add a transition and continue writing.

Despite your initial burst of enthusiasm, you slow down. You question what is next, struggling to establish the broader point of…

Resemblance is more than skin deep

Photo credit: Jovis Aloor

At unguarded moments, I capture a glimpse of my smile in a window, and I see my mom. Occasionally, a profile picture or side-angle view reveals an unexpected echo of her. The genetics I inherited mostly favor my dad. But in subtle and significant ways, I look like my mom.

Beth Dumey

Writes on a variety of topics generally revealing insights, ironies, and perceptions.

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